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Angus Moot

Licensee Salesperson

A fresh approach to real estate.

A born and bred Christchurch local, Angus has been playing football for Cashmere Technical for over 16 years. In doing so he has had to become an ever present figure in the community, from local fundraisers to coaching youngsters from the age of 16.

Angus brings enthusiasm and professionalism in every project he undertakes, consistently striving to provide the best possible result for all parties involved. He understands that when buying or selling a house, you are dealing with someone’s most important asset. Which, in turn, means dealing with the variety of emotions that come with moving home. Angus' job is to make sure that you feel comfortable and happy with any decision you decide to make.

"I was extremely fortunate to have entered the real estate world into such a loving and supportive environment especially at such a difficult time. My only goal now, is to continue to spread that love that I was greeted with and greet others entering into the property ladder with the same affection"