Aaron Clark

Licensee Salesperson

Tears of Joy or ……..Tears of Regret’

We've all heard stories of these guys that can show you how to make a million dollars in Real estate..... BUT... how many of them promote the truth about when 'Real Estate Deals’..GO BAD?

The difference between ‘Tears of Joy’ and ‘Tears of Regret’ is the effective selection of a real estate agent because you need someone that has the experience and knowledge to effectively market and negotiate for you, your residential property sales and purchases.

Let’s face it to market residential property and negotiate it through to a completed sale is an art so it takes a 'Marketing and Negotiating Specialist' to protect you from the 'Worst Case Scenario'.

Aaron Clark ‘Your Real Estate Guy’ is a 'Marketing and Negotiating Specialist' because his clients are shouting from the roof tops about their experiences with Aaron.

When it comes to getting the exposure your property deserves. no buts... No maybe’s...and NO B.S....Just effective, targeted advertising which brings Qualified, Enthusiastic buyers who are in competition with other buyers for your home.

This means that Aaron's campaigns work to attract the right buyer to your property saving you both time and money.

Invite Aaron Clark to be ‘Your Real Estate Guy’ because you’ll love his approach to marketing your home and lest face it why shouldn’t you experience the difference of a Top Marketer and Negotiator Working for you.

Give him a call on 0800 B4 U SELL (0800 248 735)

  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction Owner - Dec 2018

Aaron was very professional, helpful, capable, enthusiastic and easy to work with, 

  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction Purchaser - October 2018 


  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction Owner - October 2018  

Aaron went above and beyond to seal the deal.

  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction Purchaser - September 2018

Aaron was super helpful and excellent with communication.  He kept us informed throughout the process and even made himself available whilst overseas on holiday!

  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction Owner - August 2018

Aaron did very  well for us twice he went out of his way to sell two very  hard too sell propertys

  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction Owner - July 2018

Excellent service, always available to answer questions, spot-on advice and achieved a great result.

  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - December 2017
  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - May 2017
  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - January 2017 (x2)
  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - September 2016
  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - July 2016
  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - March 2016
  • Top Performer - July 2015
  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - August 2015
  • 2nd Top Performer - October 2015
  • 4th Top Performer - December 2015
  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - November 2015
  • 10/10 Customer Satifsaction - August 2015
  • 10/10 Customer Satisfaction - February 2015 (x2)
  • Outstanding Performance - Third in Office May 2018


  • 2016 - Executive Performer (NZ)
  • 2015 - Executive Performer (NZ)